Pre & Post Homeownership Counseling

NWIRA’s Homebuyers workshops are held twice monthly in a face-to-face group setting at our main office, satellite offices, and other various locations throughout the communities. The workshops educate and empower citizens on ways to maximize their income through budgeting, credit establishing and rebuilding, and protecting their investments. The Pre-Homeownership workshops are 8-hour classes provided to […]

Entrepreneurial & Small Business Training

Our Entrepreneurial and Small Business program also provides financial education for current business owners or those looking to start a small business. Networking/trainings are held monthly with successful business owners/entrepreneurs as guest speakers providing valuable financial information on starting or maintaining a small business.

Financial Coaching & Capabilities Training

The Financial Education programs educate individuals to manage their money and use credit responsibly. Workshops are held monthly educating and empowering citizens on ways to maximize their income through budgeting, credit rebuilding, and savings. We also offer individualized sessions to review income, create and implement a budget, and initiate savings and debt repayment. An action […]

Fair Housing & Fair Lending Training

Provide general information and materials about discriminatory housing-related issues in a workshop/seminar or 1:1 session if there is an alleged complaint. The eviction process and understanding property owner and tenant rights and laws are included, as well as raising awareness about critical housing topics such as fair and predatory lending.

Foreclose Modification Counseling

A counselor will assist them in resolving problems that led to delinquency, prepare a financial analysis, explain all options available to resolve delinquency and contact the lender to discuss the situation. We will handle clients with care and educate, guide, advise, and assist them through this devastating and complex process. Counselors will do an initial […]

Upcoming Events

Homebuyer Workshop
East Chicago, IN
Saturday, July 20, 2024
Financial Coaching & Capabilities
Rebuilding Credit
Tuesday, July 23, 2024
Homebuyer Workshop
Hammond, IN
Wednesday, July 24, 2024