August 7, 2023
The A&O Network Steering Committee

The A&O Network Steering Committee

Toyia Moore A Member of Financial Empowerment on the Indiana Assets & Opportunity Network Steering Committee

In the dynamic landscape of financial empowerment and community development, the Indiana Assets & Opportunity Network (A&O Network) stands as a beacon of progress. Comprising dedicated professionals and advocates, the A&O Network is guided by its esteemed Steering Committee, a group of individuals committed to shaping policies, advocating for financial empowerment, and steering the network toward a brighter future.

One such pivotal member of the Steering Committee is Toyia Moore, whose passion for financial inclusivity and commitment to uplifting the community has made her a noteworthy asset to the committee.

The A&O Network’s Commitment to Financial Empowerment:

The A&O Network, with its focus on financial empowerment, savings for the future, and public benefits for low-income Hoosiers, plays a vital role in shaping the economic landscape of Indiana. The Steering Committee, in particular, serves as the driving force behind the network’s initiatives, providing expertise, making policy decisions, and engaging in meaningful conversations with legislators and the public.

Toyia Moore’s Journey to the Steering Committee:

Toyia Moore, a distinguished advocate for financial empowerment, joined the A&O Network Steering Committee in 2023. Her background in community development and passion for making a difference in the lives of low-income individuals positioned her as an ideal candidate for this influential role.

Moore’s commitment to the network’s mission is evident in her active participation during the 2023 kickoff meeting at MashCraft Brewery. Alongside fellow committee members, she contributed valuable insights and ideas that set the tone for a year of impactful initiatives.

Role and Responsibilities:

As a member of the Steering Committee, Toyia Moore actively contributes to shaping the network’s policies, advocating for financial empowerment, and leading conversations with legislators and the general public. Her role is not merely symbolic; it involves active participation in decision-making processes that impact the lives of countless Hoosiers.

The Steering Committee members, including Toyia Moore, play a crucial role in steering the network toward its goals. Their one-year terms are renewed annually, showcasing the commitment and dedication required to be a part of this influential team.

Virtual Meetings and Closed-Door Sessions:

The A&O Network recognizes the importance of efficient communication and collaboration, especially in the current digital age. Steering Committee meetings are typically held virtually, providing an accessible platform for members like Toyia Moore to contribute their expertise and insights.

These closed-door sessions allow for candid discussions, strategic planning, and the formulation of policies that best serve the interests of the community. Toyia Moore’s active participation in these meetings reflects her dedication to the cause and her commitment to making a meaningful impact.


As the A&O Network begins the search for potential candidates to join the Steering Committee in 2024, individuals like Toyia Moore stand as shining examples of the caliber of professionals and advocates that make up this esteemed group. Through their collective efforts, the A&O Network continues to champion financial empowerment, savings for the future, and public benefits for low-income Hoosiers, shaping a more inclusive and prosperous future for Indiana. If your organization shares these values, reaching out to Hale Crumley could be the first step toward becoming a vital part of this transformative initiative.

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